An Update from our CFANyouth Pastors: Tiffany Pastor + Jim and Michelle Vickers.

Dear Families,

We love you, we miss you, and we are praying for you every day! 

After much prayer and consideration, in light of recent events, we are postponing Summer Camp until 2021. A full refund is being processed for all students who already registered for camp. 

As a ministry, our priority is to serve you and your family. Students have a great desire to gather, and we hope to make many opportunities for students to connect, have fun together, and grow in their faith. We are pursuing creative options and will share updates as soon as we can. We eagerly await the day to gather with you soon! 

It is an honor to serve your family! 

- Tiffany Pastor, Jim and Michelle Vickers

 CFANyouth Ministry




CFAN NextGen Pastor
Pastor Tiffany is a bold encourager who brings the Word with grace and clarity. Her messages are memorable, fun, and will keep you laughing as you grow in your faith. She believes God ALWAYS has better victories ahead and she will run along side you to see it happen in your life, too!


CFAN SW Youth Pastor
Pastor Jim is the most genuine man you will ever meet! He is passionate about relationships. His whole life thrives off of spending time with anybody. Whether you're a stranger, co-worker, or dear friend, Pastor Jim will always have time for you. He loves everyone with a heart of Jesus! What more could we ask for from a Youth Pastor?


“ I can't wait to go this year! Last year God spoke to me through one of our leaders and it broke me free. I was in a place I never thought I would be free from! I know God has more this year!“

LAINY - 7th Grade Student

“Camp is my favorite part of summer! I love all the games, the fellowship with my friends, and worship is the best! It’s super cool to see a bunch of people my age coming together to grow in their faith and find their identity in Christ! Every year that I go I come back with a renewal and a drive to go further in my faith, to continue to walk in the freedom that I am gifted with and became aware of at camp!”

GRACE - 10th Grade Student

“ I forgave for the first time! I have been hurt so many times by different people in my life. I felt alone and abandoned, but God spoke to me during camp and gave me purpose! I realized I needed to forgive so I could walk in freedom and peace! God did it! “

ZION - 10th Grade Student